Carver Heights Baptist Church Theme for 2018 Now is the Time!!
Carver Heights Baptist Church Theme for 2018Now is the Time!!

Our History

The historic Carver Heights Baptist Church has stood as a beacon light to the community of Dallas for 68 years.  The church was organized in 1950 by a group of nine individuals under the leadership of its first pastor, Reverend T.S. Washington.  Under his leadership, the first Edifice was built.  The structure was a small, but with the help of Almighty God and the Holy Spirit, they survived.


The first church was located in the Five-Mile Addition of the city in a community known as Carver Heights; thus the church received its name the Carver Heights Baptist Church.  After serving as pastor for over a period of two years, Reverend Washington relocated to the state of California.  Reverend Z. R. Figures was called to lead and minister the flock in from 1954 to 1956.  Under his leadership, the church grew spiritually and the membership grew in numbers.


In October, 1956, a young, eager, and energetic minister by the name of Reverend Tyler Carter accepted the challenge of leader and pastor.  A native of Marshall, Texas, Reverend Carter had recently completed his education with a B.S. Degree in Religion and Philosophy from Bishop College.


At the time of his calling the church structure consisted of a small framed building with a choir room and small room for the pastor to study and conference with his members. Carver Heights caught the sprit and became inspired with the energies of Reverend Carter and was inspired to follow his leadership wholeheartedly. With Membership growing by leaps and bounds, there was a need for more room.  Inspired with a vision from the Lord, in 1957, plans were made to construct a larger facility and the small framed building gave way to a larger brick building with new furnishing.  The structure was completed in 1959 without any outstanding indebtedness.


In March, 1965, the church relocated from Five-Mile Addition to the present location.  The church property consisted of the Sanctuary, an educational building and two houses.  With the continued growth of the membership, it soon became apparent the space was not sufficient for the worship services.  The pastor was inspired with yet another vision and an addition to the sanctuary was completed in August 1969.  The pastor taught tithes and offering to be God’s way of supporting the church and he coined his well-known phrase, we will not sell fish and chicken dinners to support this church.


As the membership grew, the church grew spiritually and financially.  Like the pastor, the church was filled with energetic members who were excited about doing bigger and better things for the Lord.  In June, 1971, a new wing was under construction to relieve the over crowdedness of the sanctuary.  The new addition was completed and dedicated the third Sunday in September of 1971. The addition was named Carter Wing in honor of the pastor, Rev. Tyler Carter.


In October 1972, the pastor saw the need for other improvement and purchased a Continental Trail ways Silver Eagle bus for various church activities.  In February, 1977, the church purchased another highway bus (The Blue Bird) and it was used for the bus ministry, church tours, and transportation for the senior citizens of the church.  It was later replaced with another Continental Silver Eagle.  Through faith, tithes, and offerings, the debt was cleared in 1980.  In 1981, a van was purchased for the purpose of transporting members and students to church activities. The Carver Heights Family enjoys traveling together each year throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, and parts of Europe.  The latest addition to the Bus Ministry is a sparkling red and white MCI highway bus, purchased by the church in March, 2001.


Carver Heights Baptist Church membership was growing at such rapid speed that the Sanctuary was again too small to seat the congregation.  With much prayer and guidance, Pastor Carter rose to the occasion and in 1981, the ground was broken for construction of the present edifice which we enjoy today.  The new facility was dedicated to the Lord and opened for worship on the 3rd Sunday in January of 1982.


On August 20, 2000, Pastor Tyler Carter, deacons, trustees and members witnessed the ground breaking ceremony for a new Family Life Center.  It’s used for sports activities, receptions, and youth and family activities.


On Sunday, June 2, 2002, Reverend Daryl Carter was voted as co-pastor of the church.  Reverend Daryl Carter is the fourth child and second son of Reverend Tyler & Sister Joy Carter, and he is actively engaged in carrying on his Dad’s vision for the church and the work of the Lord.


On February 24, 2004, our beloved Pastor Tyler Carter went home to be with the Lord after serving us for 47 long years.


On May 23, 2004, Rev. Daryl Carter was installed as Pastor.  He has the same eagerness, the same vigor and the same vitality that were characteristics of our beloved Reverend Tyler Carter when he stepped to the helm as a young man.  Under his leadership he has ordained 2 deacons, Bro. Andrew Jackson and Bro. George Beck.  His first son in the ministry has been called to preach the gospel and he is the Rev. Kendall Lyons.


Carver Heights is making great milestones under Pastor Daryl Carter’s leadership.  Many historic changes are taking place under his leadership such as communion is now being served at 8:00am service as well as 10:45am service.  There have been many renovations to the church to accommodate our members.  The Christian Education Department has been revised to include over 60 ministries.  We now have a weekly noon day Bible Study class.


May we, the members of Carver Heights Baptist Church, continue to stay prayed up and we continue to grow through the grace of the Almighty God.


Church Theme 2018

Now is the Time!!

2 Corinthians 6:2  (NIV) - For he says, "In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you."  I tell you, now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation.

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